Corporate Health Services

Special Discounts are given to corporates if HOSMAT is recognized by their Company:

  • Basic Checkup.
  • Master Health Checkup.
  • Executive Health Checkup.
  • Diabetic Health Checkup.
  • Ortho Profile.
  • Arthritis Profile.

Other Facilities (only for Corporates):

  • Pre-employment checkup, general checkup, before joining an organization.
  • Once a week medical checkup for employees by our medical office.
  • Talk on ergonomics or any topics related to medical.
  • First aid training program conducted.
  • Ambulance service along with a doctor or nurse for any of the events in your organization.
  • Home care services along with a doctor or nurse for any of the events in your trained attenders, nurses.
  • Supply all hospital equipment’s on rental basis, i.e. O2 cylinder, hospital cot, Wheel chair, commode chair, portable x-ray, collecting samples for Laboratory investigations.
  • Annual medical checkups/medical camps can also be conducted in the organization.

Prices for the above depends on:

  • The type of Pre-employment checkup needed.
  • The number of employees in the organization.
  • The type of event organized.
  • Prices for home care services depends on the type of services and distance.
  • Depend on the number of employees and the type of examination.