Homecare Services

Hosmat Hospital "Home Health Care" program is in response to requests from patients, who are unable to come to the hospital due to old age, disability, recovering from a fracture of the hips, legs, ankles, or any other major illness.

HOSMAT diagnostic center home services

Samples or specimen collection for analysis and investigations for all Biomedical and Pathological tests

  • Blood sugar/Urine sugar.
  • Blood Cultures/Wound cultures.
  • Portable X-ray.
  • Intravenous medicines and IV fluids.

Physiotherapy Services

Exercise therapy, Gait training- (walking training with walkers and crutches). Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) for the movements of the knee. Care for back pain, neck pain and other joint pains, chest physiotherapy, breathing therapy, cardiac rehabilitation and electro therapy for spondylosis, pinched nerves and slipped disc.


For regular monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, temperature, bed sore prevention/care. Supervision of proper medicine intake, supervision of diet, catheter, and plaster of Paris. Nursing supervision for bathing and wound dressing

Lab Services

Includes collection of samples for investigation and analysis Conditions where Home Care Services are needed.


After an accident, or after surgery, for broken hips, spinal injury or surgery, joint replacement, arthritis, back and neck problems like slipped disc, spondylosis, pinched nerve, etc. Lower limb injury or surgery with inability or difficulty in walking.

Comprehensive home services in this category includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, cognitive retaining and mental rehabilitation by clinical psychologists. Home fitting of orthotic appliances like calipers, braces, splints, artificial limbs, etc. can be undertaken.


Severe cases of arthritis, patients who are unable to walk, or need physiotherapy and general nursing care

Neurosurgery & Neuro Sciences

Post head injury, paralytic strokes and other causes of paralysis, brain tumour, spine and brain surgery, paraplegia, paralyzed legs, severe cases of polio and after meningitis.

General Surgery & General Medicine

After any major surgery specially abdominal surgeries, pelvic or chest surgeries, gynecological surgeries, head and neck surgeries.


Recuperation from cardiac bypass surgery, cardiac rehabilitation such as instructions on walking after a heart attack.

The rich experience of Dr. Thomas A Chandy who was in the home health services committee while he was Chief of Orthopaedics at Clarmore Region Hospital at Oklahoma USA between 1983-1993, has made it easy to set up the program. Home Care which has been available at HOSMAT for the last two years is now open to the public in Bangalore.

There is a well-trained coordinator for Home Care Services.

For more details, please contact
Mrs. Jacintha Wright
Contact No: +91-80-25543796 / 25593797 @ Extn: 276