International Patients

What is Medical Tourism?

Seeking Medical Treatment in emerging health markets outside the country. Medical Tourism is growing every year, as more foreigners travel to Bangalore, India for more advanced medical procedures at cheaper cost

medical tourism

What Makes Medical Tourism Attractive?

Foremost is the cost factor and shorter waiting period. The medical costs in Bangalore are one-tenth of the costs in Western countries. HOSMAT offers the best treatments in modern medicine in every medical division such as Orthopaedics, Joint Replacement, Neurosurgery, Spine Surgery, Arthritis & Plastic Surgery. HOSMAT is gained recognition for their state of the art facilities certified by ISO 9001 2000.

Government in India has declared that treating foreign patients is legal. It is encouraging International Patients in the country.

The International Program at HOSMAT Hospital is a complete service for patients visiting the hospital from countries outside India. International program staffs including Surgeons, Administrators & Public Relation Officer, coordinate all aspects of each international patient's visit to HOSMAT i.e. managing consultations, hospital admissions to travel and hotel arrangements. Staff at HOSMAT are committed to making international patients and their families feel comfortable during their hospitalization.

medical tourism


  • International Standard Treatment in India.
  • Long Waiting Period
  • Cost: Most Motivating factor

After completing a 4 year Post Graduation Resident training in 1980 in Orthopaedics at the Jewish Hospital and Medical Centre in New York , he was on the faculty at the same hospital for two years.


HOSMAT HOSPITAL: Bangalore, India can offer medical services at a fraction of the US/European cost

Pediatric Orthopaedics, Hand, Brain Tumours, Dental & Facial Maxillary, Plastic Surgery is one sixth the cost of the US. Cost will be given on request.

HOSMAT International Patient Services assists and provides:

  • Appointments with Specialist for Consultation, diagnosis and Procedures
  • Hospital Admission
  • Executive Medical Examinations
  • Financial and Billing Arrangements, including detailed estimates for the procedure
  • Assistance with homecare services

HOSMAT International Patient Services is matched by our commitment to Quality care i.e. assist the patients throughout their stay and is dedicated to overseeing care for each international patient. Doctors are available for questions or concerns throughout the stay and also after discharge through email. First class accommodations is an option for patients while they receive medical care at Hosmat. With spacious Private rooms with all facilities.

Special Services Provided to Our International Patients:

  • Coordinating all Appointments
  • Transportation which includes Pickup from the Airport and Railway Station
  • Accommodation for patient and family
  • Nurse Assistants or Private Duty Nurses
For more details, please contact:

Mr. John William
HOD - Medical Tourism
Cell: 98860 56523