Articular Surface Replacement

Surface replacement of the hip and shoulder ball, procedure is a recent alternative for patients, who may have once been considered for a traditional total hip replacement (THR). Up to the present time patients with arthritis of the hip and Avascular Necrosis (AVN) have hip replacement after 50yrs of the age. Hip replacement is an excellent operation for patients over 55 yrs of age.

The hip resurfacing procedure is ideal for patient below 50yrs to 55 years of age with more active lifestyles.

The new generation Surface replacement is being used in North America since 2004 and in Europe earlier. It is being been done in INDIA - HOSMAT - BANGALORE since 2005.

Surface Replacement of the hip is a procedure where only the diseased surface of the hip balls is covered by a cap. The surfaces of the head (ball) of the femur and acetabulum (cup) are replaced and the femoral head is reshaped instead of removed. With the ASR (Articular Surface Replacement) , as with all resurfacing procedures, the articulating surfaces, (the surfaces that rub together) are very highly polished metal. Metal articulations have been proven for many years to be a very low wearing surface and excellent mobility.

The new technology can benefit certain patients far more than the traditional hip replacement, allowing them the option to be active once again.

Surface Replacement is a great boon to young& middle aged patients with active life style. Surface replacement offers patient the opportunity to preserve the maximum amount of natural bone stock.

Surface replacement is a new alternative for patient who may have once been considered for a traditional total hip replacement THR, but was not possible for THR, due to the age and active life style. Surface Replacement is also available for the shoulder ball joint.

The benefit of Surface Replacement is many-fold:-

  • Femoral head is preserved
  • Femoral canal is preserved and no associated femoral bone loss with future revision. Also, the risk of microfracture of femur with uncemented stem implantation is eliminated.
  • Larger size of implant "ball" reduces the risk of dislocation significantly
  • Stress is transferred in a natural way along the femoral canal and through the head and neck of the femur. With the standard THR, some patients experience thigh pain as the bone has to respond and reform to less natural stress loading.
  • Use of metal rather than plastic reduces osteolysis and associated early loosening risk.
  • Use of metal has low wear rate with expected long implant lifetime.

Hosmat is the first hospital in South India to use computer navigation for surface replacement of the hip for precision and accuracy and is the only Hospital in Karnataka using the Computer Navigation for Hip & Knee replacement, spine & Brain surgery.