Computer Assisted Navigation Surgery

Hosmat is the first and only hospital in India to have sophisticated high technology - Computer Navigated Surgery System for Joint Replacement, Spine, Neuro Surgery & Accident Trauma.

The Vision of Hosmat is to provide the latest operating system, with precision cutting edge technology in image guided surgery techniques, with the industries best medical expertise and implants.

Another achievement for HOSMAT Hospital and for Bangalore the IT Capital of India.

  • Neuro Surgery - Base of skull - Brain Tumors, Vascular Brain Surgery, Stereotaxy Surgery and Brain Biopsy.
  • Spinal Surgery.
  • Surface Replacement Hip.
  • Unicondylar Knee Replacement (partial surface replacement of the knee).
  • Arthroscopic ligament reconstruction (ACL & PCL).
  • Accident Trauma.
  • Fracture Surgery of bones, spine and pelvis.
  • Accident Trauma.
  • Computer Navigation for Joint Replacement.

Computer Navigation for Joint Replacement

  • It is an advanced, Computer Assisted Surgery System.
  • First completely independent navigation system for joint replacement surgery.
  • Provides real time imaging of individual patient anatomy.
  • Presents detailed information that provides intra-operative decisions.
  • Offers visual confirmation at each stage of the surgical procedure.
  • The Laser Camera captures the patient's anatomy and joint bio-mechanics via infra-red data transfer.
  • It tracks patient, instrument position, implant alignment and fine tuning at all stages during the surgery.
  • Display presents truly interactive 3D image to the surgeon both pre and intra operatively.
  • It is a simple, user-friendly, and precise interface.
  • Presents precise real-time information.
  • Pointer defines accurate limb extremity and joint space Landmarks for the computer and laser to recognize and register the data.
  • Data helps surface map the individual patient anatomy.

Computer Navigation for Neuro Surgery

  • Easy and direct access to sensitive areas of brain.
  • Pin point definition of eloquent areas of brain like motor, speech and visual centres.
  • Maximizes surgical precision and no complications.
  • Useful in brain tumors aneurysms, AVMs, and functional neurosurgery.

Z-TOUCH Markerless

  • Wireless laser registration pointer with pinpoint accuracy.
  • No facemask, headset or markers needed.

Technology of the computer navigation system

Vector Vision – 3D Computer Navigation Surgery System has two camera eyes which works like two satellites of the GPS System. The Image Guided surgery camera like the GPS, calculates the anatomical position and then transfer the data to a computer and gives accurate placement guidance for instruments and implants with an accuracy that no human eye can match.

The camera replaces the satellite, offering the following benefits to the patient:

  • 100% accuracy.
  • Tracks exact instrument, implant position and alignment.
  • Less invasive and minimally invasive surgery.
  • Less Blood Loss.
  • Defines individual patient anatomy very accurately.
  • Fully informed, intra-operative decision making, reduces errors.
  • Reduced Complications.
  • Optimum treatment results.

The Brain lab (3D Computer Navigated Surgery) system offers the surgeon the following advantages:

  • Pre-operative planning.
  • Intro operative precision.
  • Reliability in surgery.

The Vision of Hosmat is to provide the latest operating system, with precision cutting edge technology in image guided surgery techniques, with the industries best medical expertise and implants

Computer Navigation for Spine

  • Three-dimensional view of the spine for precision, enhanced orientation and planning.
  • Indicates the correct entry point and safely guides the surgeon and reduces risk of damaging the spinal cord.
  • Intra-operative planning of multiple screws.
  • Comprehensive information source and instrumentation helps in complex spinal surgeries.

Computer Navigation for Accident Trauma

  • No radiation for surgeon and patient.
  • Optimal reduction of fracture.
  • Optimal re-positioning and fixation of fractures minimal invasive.
  • Easy restoration of natural limb alignment.
  • Simultaneous navigation in different fluoroscopic images.
  • Comprehensive data source and education tool.
  • Ability to achieve treatment results as pre-planned.

Computer Navigation in Surface Replacement of the hip

Surface Replacement of the hip (Birmingham type) is good for a patient ,below 50 years who need hip replacement, for AVN (Avascular Necrosis), and arthritis.

Here the head (Ball of the hip) is preserved and the surface is replaced. Hosmat is one of the first hospitals in the world, to acquire this software technology.

Computer navigation in unicondylar knee replacement

Unicondylar knee replacement is replacement, of only of the one-third of the knee, where the inner lining is changed, and is good for patients below 55, when only the one side is involved, and not the entire knee with arthritis. Hosmat is the first hospital in India, to have this less invasive software technology.